Influenster Tinsel VoxBox!

So, one day, I stumbled upon a website called Influenster while looking for reviews on a particular makeup item. I signed up for an account and found it super fun! To my surprise, I received what they call a VoxBox! This delightful little box comes packed with items to review. This post is to share what all I received in my Tinsel VoxBox!

The first item to review was the little dog toy provided by Barkbox. It was a turkey sandwich that has a little squeaker on the inside. Since I don’t have a dog, I provided the toy to my friend and her dog absolutely loved it!

The next items would be the dry shampoo and conditioner provided by Eva NYC. I like these products. They smell great and don’t leave the white residue like some of the other dry shampoos. I was also impressed to see that they have a dry conditioner. I used these to refresh my hair when I didn’t get the chance to wash my hair. It works well. I’m just not much of a fan of dry shampoos unless I’m wearing braids. The company also provided a coupon! Who doesn’t like savings?

Next would be the Pout Maker Lip Contour provided by Luscious Cosmetics. I’m actually not sure on whether this was intended as a lip liner or as a lipstick. However, the product felt great gliding onto my lips. It was light and the color was nude. Since I’m African-American, it’s been difficult to find a nude color that’s actually nude! Can you even tell that I have it on?! EXACTLY! I will definitely be purchasing this item once sample has ran out. It appears to be a full sized sample.

The next item would be the Gold Bond Radiance Renewal Creme! Ok, I always believed that Gold Bond was for your grandma. It’s been around for ages and my grandma literally used it herself. This particular creme I will not call a creme, but will call it a super moisturizing mixture of rainbows and kitten tears! Once you put this smooth silky creme on your body you will be in heaven. Especially if you have extremely dry skin like myself. My son has eczema and dry skin as well and it works for him too. Gold Bond Radiance Renewal Creme has made me a believer in the Gold Bond line! I am so glad that I received this free sample from influenster during the winter months. It has helped my skin look healthy and has kept my skin well moisturized.

I also received the Vera Wang Embrace fragrance and the Nautica cologne in the box. My son and I were smelling delicious. The sent of pear blossom and green tea was light and I received compliments.

The next product was alright I suppose. The Charcoal Peel Off Mask provided by 7th Heaven. It reminded of an old product that I used in my twenties (I’m no where close to my twenties now. It did leave my skin feeling supple and brightened my skin.

The Tinsel Vox Box was also loaded with coupons! Unfortunately, the Hautelook coupon didn’t work. I have been shopping on that website since 2013. So you can imagine my disappointment when the code didn’t work. I also received a coupon for Country Crock. The coupon offers you up to $3.60 (I believe) of free Country Crock. That’s amazing to me. I also received a recipe from Country Crock.

Influenster offers more than just makeup reviews. It’s for reviewing everything. From dish washing liquid to dog food! I would suggest this site for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time buying a product that stinks! Simply click on the word “influenster” and sign up! You will not regret it!

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