FabFitFun Fall ’18 Unboxing

Bonjour Sweet Peas! I hope that amid the chaos and confusion of this nation that you’re all doing well! We, as women, have a need to stick together and stand up for what is right both ethically and legally. It’s a shame that we are not taken seriously. I have a feeling that soon, thatContinue reading “FabFitFun Fall ’18 Unboxing”

Influenster Tinsel VoxBox!

So, one day, I stumbled upon a website called Influenster while looking for reviews on a particular makeup item. I signed up for an account and found it super fun! To my surprise, I received what they call a VoxBox! This delightful little box comes packed with items to review. This post is to shareContinue reading “Influenster Tinsel VoxBox!”

No; A Jagged Little Pill

     Bonjour Sweet Peas! I was wondering why the word “No” gets such a bad rep. I can’t understand why we feel so badly using or accepting the word “no”. Don’t take it personally, but you will the victim and perpetrator of the word. It will never go away. The word will haunt usContinue reading “No; A Jagged Little Pill”

The Foundation of Your Foundation

Hey hey Sweet Peas! I was talking to a good friend of mine and we were discussing me starting a blog. She inquired about what the blog would “be about” and I told her that it’s about everything that I love and have learned over the years of my life (I know, that’s a broad butContinue reading “The Foundation of Your Foundation”

Fitting in and Style.

     Hey hey Sweet Peas! I wanted to discuss the topic of conformity. First, I believe that it’s important to know the definition of conform. After all, what would be the point of talking about it if we have no true idea of what the word means. So I have taken it upon myself toContinue reading “Fitting in and Style.”

The Color of Depression

Bonjour Sweet Peas! I have always been intrigued with colors and hues and how colors can influence the mood we’re in or the food we’ll eat. I’m excited about my findings! Let’s talk about depression, colors, and the way that they can relate to one another. Colors can speak for us when we don’t wantContinue reading “The Color of Depression”