The Foundation of Your Foundation

Hey hey Sweet Peas! I was talking to a good friend of mine and we were discussing me starting a blog. She inquired about what the blog would “be about” and I told her that it’s about everything that I love and have learned over the years of my life (I know, that’s a broad but most fitting explanation).  Anywho, we started talking about makeup and I addressed how some of us wear foundation that does not match our skin tone. See, most of us are unaware of the color of our skin’s undertone. Knowing this would help us to determine how to select the perfect shade of makeup foundation. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know the shade that will make our skin look good? Let’s determine how we’re going to figure it out. true-match-multiple

Skin tone can range from fair to deep. This is actually the first step to knowing which foundation you should select for yourself. However, the undertone brings it all together. Have you noticed the L’Oreal True Match line? When you look at the foundation bottles or compact, you will notice that they are not only labeled with the shade name, but the item also has either cool, neutral, or warm written on it. This is used to assist the woman with knowing which shade will match the skin’s undertone. Women could possibly have the same skin tone, select the exact same foundation, and it could look completely different making one person look fabulous and the other look like who would have thought and what for (if you didn’t understand that last phrase, don’t worry. Most won’t!)?!  Moving right along!

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Next, let’s discuss what warm, cool, and neutral signifies. According to StyleCaster, cool is pink red or bluish undertones, warm is yellow, peachy, golden undertones, and neutral is a mix of warm and cool undertones. One of the simplest ways to figure out your undertone is by answering this question. Do you look better in silver/platinum or gold? Whether it’s metallic material or jewelry. If you say silver/platinum, then you would be more of a cool undertone kinda gal. Therefore, gold would be considered warm. Neutral? Well, neutral folks will look great in either. If you’re not sure how you look in silver/platinum or gold, grab a friend to help you. A fresh set of eyes could make all the difference.

cooltonewarmtonechart   I hope that this information will help those of us who aren’t “makeup savvy” or who have never considered skin undertone before. Perhaps this is a completely new concept. Above all, whether you are actually utilizing makeup foundation to solely cover blemishes or to be the base for other wonderful makeup choices, you can rest assured that you will feel much more confident stepping out with the right shades on your face.


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