Fitting in and Style.

conform-quote     Hey hey Sweet Peas! I wanted to discuss the topic of conformity. First, I believe that it’s important to know the definition of conform. After all, what would be the point of talking about it if we have no true idea of what the word means. So I have taken it upon myself to seek Merriam and Webster for their assistance (thanks guys). To conform means “to be similar or identical; also :  to be in agreement or harmony”. In other words, to “fit in”. Why do we find it so important to fit in or to conform. Seriously, we have all wanted to be like everyone else at some point in our lives and lost our sense of self in the process. No bueno!

As John F. Kennedy so eloquently stated, “conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth”. How many ways do we try to look like the model on television or the woman who appears to have it all together? We choose our makeup, clothes, shoes, and accessories based off of what we see other women wearing. Would this be considered conformity? Well, I believe that the motive behind the selection of any of the aforementioned items would be to meet the status quo. We continually want to “look the part” without taking into account what part of our true self we’re sacrificing.

Clothing is indeed the expression of one’s self. It’s how we can convey who we are without saying a word. BoHo chic or classic style, it’s all about personality and taste. How utterly boring would the world be if we all decided that we were going to dress the same or even act the same due to wanting to fit in? Just down right dull!

     What would we do without the people who are confident enough within themselves to care less of what others think about them? Those people give us something to talk about and have us on the edge of our seats waiting to see what they’ll do next. If it weren’t for those fashion risk takers, I don’t believe that I, personally, would love colors and fashion so much.

Found on Pinterest

      So, this is what I believe. The people who are unafraid to wear bold and eccentric fashion are the ones that have the richest sense of confidence and self-esteem. When considering all that it takes to express oneself without worrying about what others will think about them, there must be some respect given. We’ve been conditioned to believe that the opinions of others mean more than that of our own opinions. 

Image taken from Pinterest.

Do not be afraid to express your own opinions about yourself through dress. Create a print on print look by matching your color palettes within the print. Wear pink and yellow together to convey just how happy and sweet you are to others. Be chic in black paired with a bold, “I didn’t see that coming” hue. Find a sleek shirt that only you can rock the proper way with a sleeve that makes people stare. Discover a color palette on Pinterest and try to mimic it in your style. You got this! 

     Your world is the only world that matters and those who want to be in it will definitely understand and appreciate you. Don’t stifle your fashion voice because you don’t think that people will “get you” or because you don’t believe that you would fit in. Create your confidence. Prove your self-esteem. Be bold and be the beautiful you that is life and fashion fearless.

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