Full Expression

     Hello Sweet Peas! My name is Mary. I am currently a marriage and family therapist intern working towards my license. I have decided to start this blog in an attempt to take you all with me on my journey towards fashion, beauty, spiritual and mental health. I am in no way an expert. However, I do love to research and discover new things. I am also learning (via YouTube) how to sew. It is an exciting adventure and I cannot wait to fully explore and share my findings.

     I would like to start by telling you why I have decided to start this blog. First, I figured that I am always online researching ideas and thoughts about fashion and beauty and the affects that it has on our views and perception of ourselves. Why not share this information that could be interesting to others? Also, I see so many women who seem to have a difficult time with all of the beauty information and tutorials loaded onto the land of cyber, that they would rather go bare faced (this is said for those who want to wear makeup but just can’t get over how to apply makeup properly. If you are natural by choice, that’s wonderful and don’t stop!). I mean, seriously, with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube and the lot, it can be seriously overwhelming to know how to select and apply makeup. Though, because I like helping and informing others, I will try to be a one stop shop. I will list links that could possibly lead you in a direction that you would like to voyage. I have a passion for fashion, beauty, and talking about ways of boosting confidence and deflecting depression or anxiety. Second, I truly believe that what we wear is vital to how we feel and carry ourselves. The colors and styles that fit our individuality and our mood mirrors itself in our choice of clothes. There are a number of books and research that reinforce my opinions and I am excited to be sharing this information with you! WOOT!  

     Now, for the spiritual aspect of my blog, which is the last but not least reason as to why I started this blog. I love God and believe that He’s the reason as to why I am able to do anything and everything. Therefore, the connection to Him is something that I seek every morning, day, and night. We will also explore how spirituality ties into mental health and how a connection with Him could make life easier. I’d be lying if I said a relationship with God is problem free and that I never go through difficult times, but I have stories of how I survived depression and anxiety because of my relationship with Him. It can be a challenge, especially if we feel wronged by God, or we don’t believe that a truly loving and caring God would allow for us to go through traumatic experiences. The truth is, He does, and we will never know why until He reveals His reason’s to us. Just keep in mind that we are not in control of anything external. However, we can control the way that we process and interpret our life encounters and experiences. 

     In a nutshell, at Sweet Jasmine, we will discuss how fashion, beauty, spirituality and mental health relate to one another and how it can boost confidence and self-esteem and create an instant image of how others view our individuality or personality. I am aiming to post at least twice per month. With any luck, I will be able to post every Sunday. Please tell your friends about this blog and subscribe to updates. I appreciate each one of you and look forward to our Cyber Land relationship. 

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